Shoot with @michirezin for her feminist boudoir company #studiorezin!

My gender identity #artchart

#genderfluid #genderqueer #imaqueerdo

Tony said I had a “voice over voice”

Save the Kids: Legalize Drugs

Save the Kids: Legalize Drugs



I’m always surprised how ugly the debate can get in the United States when it comes to immigration. Perhaps I shouldn’t be, when the topic is such a cause célèbre of the Tea Party. But surely the typical arguments of people opposed to people coming here from south of our border – at least those more well-thought out than the chant of “USA, USA!” that has occurred at recent…

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Thinking of making a dress today

Museum of Fine Art Boston

BBQ tofu vegan pizza a block away from Harvard University. #collegetownfood


How to write a spoiler-free film review (Obvious Child)

How to write a spoiler-free film review (Obvious Child)

I didn’t expect to walk into Obvious Child completely without preconceptions – the director was interviewed on Democracy Now! and the film has gathered much attention for its eye-catching plot descriptor: “the abortion romantic comedy.” As far as nuance-flattening simplifications go, it’s certainly right on the nose, but reviewers seem to take Obvious Child’s unique position as free license to…

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