Save the Kids: Legalize Drugs

Save the Kids: Legalize Drugs



I’m always surprised how ugly the debate can get in the United States when it comes to immigration. Perhaps I shouldn’t be, when the topic is such a cause célèbre of the Tea Party. But surely the typical arguments of people opposed to people coming here from south of our border – at least those more well-thought out than the chant of “USA, USA!” that has occurred at recent…

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Thinking of making a dress today

Museum of Fine Art Boston

BBQ tofu vegan pizza a block away from Harvard University. #collegetownfood


How to write a spoiler-free film review (Obvious Child)

How to write a spoiler-free film review (Obvious Child)

I didn’t expect to walk into Obvious Child completely without preconceptions – the director was interviewed on Democracy Now! and the film has gathered much attention for its eye-catching plot descriptor: “the abortion romantic comedy.” As far as nuance-flattening simplifications go, it’s certainly right on the nose, but reviewers seem to take Obvious Child’s unique position as free license to…

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'Smac attack! @itsanae



first thing i thought of

oc by me B)


On the current state of capital punishment

On the current state of capital punishment

We are taught from a very young age that two wrongs don’t make a right. Yet the United States continues to follow a more self-righteous edict of “an eye for an eye” when it comes to punishing those who have committed capital offenses. While ethics can play an integral part of the conversation of whether or not we should continue this practice, perhaps it would be more effective to see how our own…

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Rainy day saffron tea